Forensic engineering and consulting for the FIRE and EXPLOSION, WATER loss and related industries

Fire Findings provides methodical, thorough, science-based forensic engineering and consulting services. We're dedicated to determining how appliances, devices and systems work and fail—and how they cause fires, explosions, floods, freezing or other types of incidents. It is our passion to deduce how circumstances, conditions or agencies caused an event. Our constant focus is to provide useful, accurate answers that assist clients in making reliable decisions. Whether your matter at hand requires expertise in investigation, testing or training, our investigators and staff are here to serve. We hope you'll explore our website or contact us directly to see why Fire Findings is right for you.


Whether you're looking for an expert to evaluate appliances, devices, electrical or mechanical systems, Fire Findings has you covered. From conducting laboratory examinations of artifacts to origin and cause scene inspections we have the education, training, experience and expertise. Don't be mistaken—while many associate our name solely with seminars, the majority of our day to day operations consist of testing and laboratory and scene inspections.


One of the steps in the scientific method is testing hypotheses. Today's legal system requires more and more data, often in the form of testing, to substantiate the validity of an opinion. Whether you need to test your own hypothesis or one presented by an opposing side, Fire Findings will develop and execute a test to assist in determining whether the hypothesis is valid or should be discarded.


Our seminars provide relevant, meaningful and engaging training for public officials, private investigators, engineers, government agencies and yes, even attorneys. Our in-depth presentations, demonstrations, displays and hands-on exercises are all geared toward broadening your knowledge base. Whether you attend one of our in-house seminars, have us as a guest-speaker at your event or are looking for a custom seminar for a specific group or organization, Fire Findings delivers.


Between 1993 and 2010, Fire Findings published a quarterly print newsletter (18 volumes, 71 issues) that continues to be a valuable, easy-to-understand resource for the fire and explosion industry. With articles describing processes and procedures, tool tips, testing and the like, each issue contains topics relevant to the investigation of fires and explosions. While we are not currently publishing new issues, all back issues are available for purchase.

About Us

Since 1996, Fire Findings has been providing clients with investigation, testing and training services that have assisted with successful and appropriate conclusions to their investigations. There's a substantial chance that the other experts, attorneys, public officials and many in the insurance industry have worked with us, attended one of our seminars, subscribed to the Fire Findings newsletter or simply recognize our name. We take pride in that and, accordingly, continue to conduct ourselves with the highest regard for ethics, professionalism, and continuous learning and improvement.